TTB Radio September 2013

Tony Grey – Time Factor (Voodoo Funk)
King Kong – Agony & Pain (Jah All Mighty)
Barrabas – “Heroine” Stop The Horse (CBS)
Cosmetics – Caligraphy (I.R.S.)
Doctor’s Cat – Crash (Il Discotto)
A. Mislayene – El Fen (Stip)
Skatebård – Love In The Night (Bordello A Parigi)
Spokes ‘H’ – Mixed Up (CCP)
Richard H Kirk – Hipnotic (Rough Trade)
Beautiful Swimmers – New Balance (Future Times)
Doctor’s Cat – Feel The Drive (Il Discotto)
Xoxonees – Molan (Epic)
Saine – Countach (Odd Socks)
16B – Water Ride (Stacey Pullen’s 17C Remix) (Eye Q)
Cosby – Sangria (100% Silk)
Bookworms – Materials (L.I.E.S.)
Tin Man – Drifters Acid (Keys Of Life)
Iz & Diz – Happy (Hudd Traxx)
R-Zone – Jungle Raver (R-Zone)
Dungeon Acid – Nude Descending A Staircase (Clan Destine)
Disco Nihilist – Late Nights (DBA Special Editions)
Circulation – Memory (Balance)
John Barrera & Will Martin – Reality (Dolly)
Caribbean Soul – Make Up Your Mind (Waako)
Ghosts On Tape – No Guestlist (Arttu Remix) (Icee Hot)
Mr G – Pulze (Warm Sounds)
James Booth – Non (100% Silk)
D’Marc Cantu – Size & Shape (Crème Organization)
Designer Music – Problemz (Planet E)
Soft Rocks – Tutsi’s Dance (Soft Rocks)

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