TTB Radio May 2014

Mikkel Meyer – John Wayne (Beastie Respond Remix) (Rump Recordings)
Tom of England – 30,000 Women (STD Production)
Hot Streak – Body Work (Easy Street)
James Mason – Nightgruv (Rush Hour)
Cosmic Hoffman – Space-Disco (Emotional Rescue)
Phyllis Hyman – Tonight Me & You (Arista)
Gepy & Gepy – Body to Body (Baby)
Instant Funk – Crying (Salsoul)
Wardell Piper – Captain Boogie (Midsong International)
The Legendary 1979 Orchestra – Presiune (Legendary Sound Research)
Idris Muhammad – Foxhuntin’ (Fantasy)
Blue Zoo – Off To Market (Magnet)
Glenn Astro – Amitryptil (Space Hardware)
Moodymann – Hangover (KDJ)
Neville Watson – Red Light Fever (The Nothing Special)
Moon Man – Moon Patrol (Anotherday)
Brian Harden – Days of Days (D3 Elements)
Be – Housekeysonbrandy (Sweet Sticky)
Pablo Mateo – Roxy (LACKREC)
Person of Interest – Call This Number (L.I.E.S.)
Kelli Saé – It’s Too Late (Easy Street)
Mood II Swing – Friendly Funk Feeling (King Street)
Midi-Matrix – Soundwavez (Full Wave Mix) (Transparent)
Clendon Toblerone – It Is Within (Cos_Mos)
Dukwa – Shoutin’ Low (Bosconi)
Dat Oven – Icy Lake (Jellybean)
Yazoo – Situation (Francois Kevorkian Mix) (Mute)

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