TTB Radio July 2013

Money – Who’s Gonna Love You Now (Sways)
Black Merlin – Love Chamber (New Jersey)
Amé – Erkki (Rush Hour)
Leo Sayer – Easy To Love (Vincent Velocette Edit)
Revelation – Feel It (Handshake)
Harry Thumann – Welcome Back, Jolette (Hansa)
The Quick – Zulu (Pavillion)
Roxy Music – The Main Thing (EG)
Mark Shreeve – Storm Column (Jive Electro)
Bobby O – Still Hott 4 U (Jellybean Mix) (“O” Records)
Danglo – Don’t You (WotNot)
Huruma Boys Band – Teresia (Soundway)
Before The Storm – Zanzibar (Movin’)
Pacific Horizons – A Prayer For Santa Ana (Pacific Wizard Foundation)
Alex Agore – Jazz Thing (4 Lux)
Sandie Morgan – Your Love (Active)
Baaz – Chummy (Slices of Life)
Twin FM – Let’s Get The Party On (Aspect Music)
Shay Jones – I Need Ya Dub (Fly)
Skatebård – 1979 Pace Int. (Sex Tags Mania)
Greg Beato – Let Em Know (Apron)
Bad Boy Bill – Acid Sexx (IHR)
Ksoul & Muteoscillator – Stinger (Dekmantel)
Marco Shuttle – Vox Attitude (Joey Anderson Mix) (Eerie)
Gigi Galaxy – Twinge (Teknotika)
Redshape – Disco Marauder (Delsin/Present)
Sabre – Nightdrive to Bolland (W.T.)

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