TTB Radio January 2014

Lyn Christopher – Take Me With You (Paramount)
Heinrich Dressel – The Dawn From The Top Of The Hill (Strange Life)
Maurice Fulton – Feel The Same (Tigersushi)
‘Om’ Alec Khaoli – You Are The One (Emergency)
Oscar Neves – Mabelé (Lusafrica)
Imagination – Just An Illusion (Remix) (Unidisc)
Casianova – Shoreham Harbour Blues (Ali Renault Mix) (Dissident)
Cabaret Voltaire – Here To Go (Parlophone)
Pacific Horizons – Bunker Hill (Pacific Wizard Foundation)
Cro Magnon – Space Love (Jazzy Sport)
Vernon – Bus Radio (Bergen To Bergen Dub) (Foreplay)
Sylvester – Rock The Box Dub Box (Tandan)
Montana Moon – Now I Need Your Love (Runaway House Mix) (Greyhound)
Generation Next – And You Too (7 Days Ent.)
Alex Israel – Angulos (Crème)
Liz Torres – Can’t Get Enough (Jack Trax)
Wall of Sound – Critical (Mood II Swing Dub) (Eightball)
NWS – Home Is Where The Beat Is (Courtesy of Balance Recordings)
Pizarro – Suelta Me (Razz Enterprises)
Aybee – Return To The Underground (Sounds of the Universe)
Vellico – Beck’s Brew (Throwing Snow)
Sabre – Nightdrive to Bolland (W.T. Records)
Drexciya – Unknown Journey VII (Clone)
Magic Mountain High – Riptide (Off Minor)
Entro Senestre – Root Canal (L.I.E.S.)
Hypnotizer – The Night Noise (Marcon)
John Swing – Don’t Want It (Relative)

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