Snuff Crew at The CAMP

Remember eating that sheet of paper in your cousin’s drawer with all the Batman faces on it? Remember staring at the mirror and watching your eight year old face age a thousand years in the space of a single breath? Remember waking up in hospital and screaming at your dad because you didn’t know who he was? Remember him telling you you’d technically been dead for the past three days? Well that’s basically what happened to Jesus. And he still loves the acid. It says so on Discogs.

He’s not the only one being brought back to life this Easter. It’s been a year since we threw down the last TOTHEBONE party and we’re marking our own resurrection with a thumping live show from Cologne jack track revivalists, Snuff Crew – two young bucks who’ve been destroying Europe’s most discerning dancefloors with a live set that shows Phuture 303 up for the pussies they are. Don’t tell them we said that.

Named in honour of their favourite inhalable tobacco product, Snuff Crew have put together a string of perfectly-constructed acid workouts for Playhouse, Hour House Is Your Rush and Gigolo Records. They’ve also been setting clubland aflutter with their live set – a throbbing hour-long jack-off that tore Berghain a new bumhole when they played there in January.

Download Snuff Crew live at Berghain, 02/01/2010:

And if you like deep, emotional house music played by shallow, inexpressive men, as always, TOTHEBONE’s three fully-waxed residents will be rocking the dancefloor too.

Get down early for the inaugural TTB EASTER DOG EGG HUNT – a pioneering fusion of art, clubbing and gameshow. We’ll be hiding fifteen golden dog poos in and around the venue, each of which wins its finder a life-changing sum of money. Or a mix CD.