Beyond The Clouds feat. Lil Louis & Magic Mountain High – Live

Beyond The Clouds is a joint project brought to you by Corsica Studios and the promoters of Süd Electronic, Bodyhammer and TOTHEBONE. It’s a series of fantasy dance nights celebrating the earliest, rawest incarnation of house music and featuring line-ups we’ve dreamed of for years.

Our guests this time are Chicago’s Lil Louis, Move D and Juju & Jordash.

If you came to our first party, you’ll know what to expect from Louis – house, techno and disco mixed hard and fast for your dancing pleasure. When the night is right and his sets aren’t being recorded – and this one won’t be – Louis throws all manner of old, unreleased material into his DJ sets. Be sure you’re there to hear it.

The night will also see the first UK airing of an extra special live project from Move D and Juju & Jordash – a totally improvised, hardware-only acid jam session made and played on the machines you love. They’ve only done this once before – at a festival last summer in Amsterdam – and it totally rocked the house.

Hometown support comes from BTC residents – Lakuti, Joe Hart, Rik Moran and Charlie & Dave TTB.